15 de agosto de 2011

More winners: I love the Summer

The winners are:

Poser... Giveaway
Donate by Sue Wyshynski
Margaret Faria

Abithica Giveaway
Donate by Susan Goldsmith 
Christine Davis

Wallflower Giveaway
Donate by Berlinica 
vidisha singh

Concurso Alemania
Donado por Alfaguara México 

Ana Edith Salazar C.

Concurso El Amor de mi vida

Donado por Alfaguara México 

Jacqeline Huerta

Journals of the Big Mouth Bass: Keeping Secrets
Donate by Debbie Williamson 
Jessica Rodríguez


Starcrossed Swag
Donate by Josephine Angelini
Karina Ruiz
Belén Ojeda
Miriam Díaz

Factoría Swag
Donate by La Factoría de Ideas
Diana Reyes Salazar

Mega Swag
Donate by The Itzel Library
Daniela Morales P.

To CLAIM YOUR PRIZE please fill out THIS FORM.

NoteYou have 72 Hrs to claim your prize from the date of this post. If you DO NOT claim your prize within this time we'll then choose another winners.
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