30 de agosto de 2010

Novedades de Simon & Schuster (Simon Teen)

The Monstrumologist
Rick Yancey
464 páginas
+ 14 años
Precio: 9.99 USD

You think your summer job was rough?

Will has problems. Things were never easy for him growing up in an orphanage, and they didn't get any easier when he got his first job. As the assistant to an eccentric, old doctor, Will puts up with long hours, lousy pay, and a boss who is a real pain. What's a kid supposed to do in 1888? No TV! No iPhone! 

Unlike most doctors' offices, where the only danger is boredom caused by the lame magazines in the waiting room, Dr. Warthrop is a Monstrumologist — a science that includes not only the study of monsters and ghouls that most people consider myths, but also the occasional hunting of such nightmarish monsters. 

In the first book of a trilogy (now in paperback), Will finds himself face to face with a monster that has no face—or rather it has a face on its chest and a hunger for the townspeople. 

Suddenly flipping burgers doesn't seem so bad, right?

Buffy, the vampire slayer 2
Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, Diana G. Gallagher, Pierce Askegren
656 páginas
+14 años
Precio: 9.99 USD

Halloween costume parties, rummaging through vintage musical instruments, and going to the movies with boys equals the kind of weekend a girl dreams of, unless of course you are Buffy Summers. In her case, demons have attacked the party, the musical instruments are cursed, and the new drive-in theater sends her friends into mystical comas.

Oh well, I guess that's just how life goes when your high school sits on the Hellmouth and you happen to be the only vampire slayer in town. Never a dull day.

Join the whole gang for this Buffy "triple slay" of three hard-hitting and quirky tales of this teenage slayer's so-called life.

Remember me
Christopher Pike
848 páginas
+14 años
Precio: 9.99 USD

Anyone who has ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed knows it can throw off your whole day. Your head is cloudy, your hair is a mess, and everyone around you seems to pay no attention to you. You can't place it, but something just doesn't feel right. InRemember Me, Shari Cooper hasn't realized it yet, but she just woke up on the wrong side of her life. 

After staying out all night at a party with her friends, Shari has just learned that she has bigger problems than messy hair and morning breath. She died last night. Now she's somehow wedged between two worlds, unable to move on, unable to remember or understand what happened to her. 

After seeing your cold dead body in the morgue, things can't possibly get any worse, right? Wrong. The police mistake her death as a suicide, but Shari knows that can't be true and won't let anything stand in the way of finding out who really killed her. Not even death.

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